Christian Thorn vs. Marco Thunder (Guest Ref)

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Christian Thorn is faced with tough opponent in this match. Both men are covered in muscle with the same percentage of body fat, almost none. Marco has left many bruised and broken bodies in the ring and on the mats since he began wrestling. He keeps himself in outstanding condition and has the wrestling skills to make him a formidable opponent for most anyone. 

We did get to see two rare occurrences in this match. The first is someone pull Marco’s hair. The second, and not at all unrelated occurrence, is Marco lose his temper. Marco maintains a calmness about him that makes him seem like he’s an easy target. We pity anyone who thinks of him that way. Still, Marco never gets angry in a match, no matter what happens, unless someone messes with his hair. He clearly spends more time on his hair than most any straight man. Messing with it is dumb. Pulling it is outright stupid. 

The match has a fair amount of back-and-forth in the beginning, albeit with Marco appearing to be playing a game of ‘cat and mouse’ with Christian. It’s as if he’s testing his opponent’s abilities. The referee appears to be allowing some cheap shots from Thorn but instantly calls out Marco if he even looks like he’s going to bend the rules. When the smaller wrestler grabs a handful of Marco’s pretty curls and pulls on them, the ref is slow to do anything about it. Once Marco breaks the hold and gets up, his temper shows, and he goes after the ref’s hair. The only possible thing to be gained by doing so is to annoy the ref as his hairstyle went out of fashion with parachute pants. 

Clayton makes an impressive showing in this match and even has Marco appear to be tapping out to a choke hold. When asked if he tapped, Marco snaps off an f-bomb to the ref. These men with the massive muscles apply many punishing holds to each other. In the end, one loses to a long-held rear bearhug. The victor has applied it with such force that the loser passes out from the excruciating pain. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 20 seconds

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The power exhibited by both of these muscle studs was incredible! I

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