Christian Thorn vs. Gunnar

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The muscle beast known as Gunnar is showing off his amazing physique in tight as hell red singlet. Christian Thorn enters admiring the body in front of him. He asks for Gunnar’s advice on working out and wrestling. 

Gunnar agrees and first up is the sleeper hold.  Gunnar’s giant arms squeeze Christians neck, and even the lightest pressure makes him wince in pain. Now it’s Christian’s turn, and you can never count him out. He’s a pretty strong fella, and Gunnar’s about to find that out! 

After practicing a bear hug, Christian surprises the big man with a giant chop to the chest which brings the beast to his knees! Christian releases a beat down to Gunnar, he punches his back and head, he humiliates him with that sleeper he just learned which is used to knock him out. Christian is just getting started, he almost breaks his bicep in a stiff arm lock. A destructive scissor hold has Gunnar begging for mercy! 

But Christian isn’t playing around, he is a firecracker, and he always gets more energetic and frenzied. He continues the beat down, and when he’s needs a breather, he sleepers Gunnar out, only to talk smack and then wake him up for more humiliation, even forcing Gunnar to flex his giant muscles at his demand.

The big man suffers mercilessly at the hands of Christian, and he’s probably never gonna live that down! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 28 minutes, 31 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Hard sell

Welcome back Christian Thorn. Even when your opponent seems half asleep, you do a great job selling match. Thorn probably best wrestler W4H has had - with one exception. Crazy to leave Thorn out of Power Ratings. Hope we see much more of you in 2022. As for who is "one exception" to Thorn being "best wrestler" - it's high time to see if Cameron can get out of your bear hug. I doubt it.

Extremely hot match

No matter what Christian does, he seems to feel Gunnar hasn't been humiliated enough and keep going back for more. All of Gunnar's massive muscles are worthless in the face of his injury and multiple sleepers from Christian. While Gunnar is out Christian giddily poses him like a rag dog in the most emasculating positions he can think up. Gunnar spends a lot of the match with his face in Christian's crotch. He's also repeatedly dragged to his feet and rolled around. Both men look great and the action is a A+. Can't recommend this enough if you like big muscle guys put in their place

Christian Thorn reigns supreme yet again!

Outstanding match! Watching the beautiful, ripped, perfectly sculpted Christian Thorn in a revealing red thong use his strength, superior wrestling skills, finesse, and aggressiveness to brutalize and humiliate Gunnar is a joy to behold! Even if Gunnar did not have a shoulder injury, I have no doubt would still have dominated and degraded the behemoth Gunnar. There is NO better wrestler on the W4H roster than the magnificent Christian Thorn!

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