Chase Sinn vs. Drew Harper (Chase For The Championship)

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One of the most sought after new championships is the W4H championship.  W4H has attracted some of the best underground wrestling talent there is, and every member of my roster would love to be called champion. 
In this match, Chase Sinn and Drew Harper go one-on-one to see who will move forward in the tournament.  Chase's technical skills far outclass Drew.  Don't get me wrong, Drew has shown himself to be very resourceful in the ring, and that goes a long way in this tournament.
Chase ties up Drew in the first round with some devastating arm bars that leave Drew on the mat, his arm and elbow being bent in ways they are not meant to bend.  The pain becomes too much for Drew and he taps out for the first round to Chase.  Drew comes right back though and quickly has Chase in a full nelson in round two, before Chase's ring experience kicks in once again and he reverses it and applies a sleeper, a head scissor and an attempted hair pull that Drew turns into a back alley move dropping Chase in the ring and turning him over into a Boston Crab.  Chase is saved by the bell however and lives to fight into the next round.
Drew puts forth a good outing for himself in the bout, pinning Chase at one point, nearly scoring another submission from the more experienced Sinn, and it is only when a figure four leglock is applied that we finally have a winner.  But which one?  Will it be the wily veteran Chase Sinn taking advantage of all his ring experience, or will the more green but definitely hungry Drew Harper pull off what could only be considered and upset by doing away with Chase Sinn?  I can guarantee that you will want to watch right to the very end to see who the winner is!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  28 minutes, 56 seconds

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For Chase Sinn Fans

A classic for Chase Sinn fans; great match pitting size and strength vs skill and technique. Everything is near-perfect in this pro-style match. By far my favorite of the Chase Sinn bouts.

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