Chace LaChance vs. Rolf Fulton (Halloween)

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While out in Los Angeles, I decided to throw a little Halloween Party for me and the guys. The costumes were top notch. From cute cowboys to techno blasting jocks to sexy masquerade leather studs....even a little devil. 

It was a damn good time with the liquor flowing and muscles gleaming. I made sure to bring some bite-sized snacks to share with the guys and we were getting ready to do some apple bobbing when the lights turned out and the first victim was found belly up. Had he drank too much? Had he been poisoned? Had the sight of the other hunks took his breath away? 

One-by-one every stud at the party fell prey to the mysterious attacker until lastly it was down to two. Who would be revealed as the culprit? 

With a handful of wrestlers lying on the floor in various positions, the evil lurker dragged his victim du jour to the ring to have his way with him.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 49 seconds

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Kind of Okay -- Somewhat Disappointing ...

Ever since I've seen ROLF FULTON get jobbered in one of those old BG EAST Matches, I've been waiting for the chance to see him be a HEEL! ... Well, he IS one here -- but it's still a bit of a letdown ... Maybe because CHASE LaCHANCE was all knocked out or something ... I dunno -- it just kinda left me wanting ... Plus, it was too short ... That's okay -- I'll keep buying!


Any video where Chace is featured getting slammed, manhandled and tossed around is okay in my books!

Joe bloggs

Great match only wish more body slaps and pecs claw.

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