Chace LaChance vs. Hugh Hunter

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Chase LaChance has the good looks of any Hollywood leading man. Perfect body. Perfect face. Cum gutters like woah. Everybody wants a piece of him...which might explain why he’s waking up in a cage, rattled by the sounds of screams in the background. 

Enter Hugh Hunter. This resident daddy wrestler has to work overtime to appear menacing, what with that sleek hair and winning smile. Suddenly, the musclegut man drops the grin, grabbing LaChance by the neck and forcing him out of the cage for a little ride. LaChance is the horse, Hunter is the rider. 

Daddy drives a hard bargain, turning the leading man over so he can straddle him and lay his powerful, tattooed body on top of him. LaChance begins to fight back, with only arouses Hunters interests further. 

It’s a long, slow, punishing hump session, featuring two very different body types with very different goals. Camel clutches, leg locks, and more figure into this languidly paced punishment session, accompanied by the music of agonized screams. If you fantasize about having a heroic dude like Chace all to yourself, this is the title for you.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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