Cameron vs. Ty Alexander (Re-Match)

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Super sexy Ty Alexander enters the arena already dressed to wrestle. He’s wearing silver metallic boots and powder blue trunks and knee pads that not only say “Ty” on them, but they appear to be made from velvet.

To add to his look, he has some blonde highlights in his hair. Seriously? This guy is here to wrestle? Ty looks like he’s here to compete in a gay beauty contest, not a wrestling match.

He warms up in the ring tossing around a duffle bag which appears to be filled with towels or sheets. Suddenly, the door to the arena comes flying open and Cameron enters, slams it shut, glares at Ty and asks, “Are you the son of a bitch I’m here to beat?” Poor Ty responds, “I don’t think so, dude.”

Cameron has a crazed look in his eyes. Literally, he looks as if he’s gone crazy. He climbs into the ring for a very brief pose-down with Ty. These wrestlers are similar in height, but Cameron is stronger, much more experienced, and looks like he wants to inflict serious pain into someone. That someone is going to be pretty boy Ty. Break out the pain meds, boys, as Ty is going to need them. Badly. 

Ty puts up absolutely no offense in this match. In fact, Cameron beats him so badly that he isn’t even able to defend himself. Cameron could have easily won this match in under a minute and been headed to the showers. That would be too easy. Cameron has as much fire in his gut as his trunks have stitched into them. He’s in his classic black trunks with flames on them. He’s out for punishment and Ty will be the lamb sent to slaughter. Search for a list of pro wrestling holds and you’ll find very few that Cameron didn’t use on Ty. Not only does he continually pummel Ty with punishing hold after hold, he frequently pins him for the three-count after Ty submits, sometimes even making Ty do the counting. One of Cameron’s pins is particularly humiliating with his package right in Ty’s face. That is f’ing humiliating. Cameron gives Ty a gourd-buster so hard that he is totally knocked out. 

That should have ended the match. Ty was clearly outmatched in every conceivable way, except maybe for looking pretty, although Cameron can compete with most any man for looking pretty. Cameron still isn’t content and continues his onslaught of punishment and pain. Ty screams constantly and is praying this match will end soon. Cameron ruthlessly squeezes, punches, and stomps Ty’s package so hard that he even asks Ty if blood is still flowing to that thing. That’s a good question and we wonder that ourselves. 

As the match finally starts to end, Cameron starts asking questions of no one. He’s just staring up at the ceiling and talking. Has he lost it mentally? He then starts asking questions of Ty and answers them himself. Ty certainly can’t respond as he is spread eagle and out cold on the mat. Cameron reaches down and unties the string used to hold up Ty’s velvet trunks. Cameron wants them as his prize. Instead, he picks up Ty, tosses him over his shoulder and says he will take Ty home and use him as his prize. Ty is certainly sexy enough that we’d like to do that ourselves, but as Cameron pointed out, we’re not sure blood is flowing to Ty’s package. Somehow, we believe Cameron will be able to reestablish blood flow to that very personal area of Ty.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 30 minutes, 54 seconds

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