Cameron vs. Ty Alexander (Battle of the Butts)

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The REMATCH of the Year! 

Ty Alexander is underground wrestling royalty who is beginning to break into Indy Pro Wrestling, but every once and awhile he needs get out his aggression with the W4H boys, and he’s got his sites set on Cameron! 

We open on a beautiful view of Ty’s ass, already revealing a blue thong underneath, being stuffed into a beautiful pair of purple and blue pro trunks carrying his motto “Cocky! Suck It!” He’s anything but subtle. 

Cameron is stretching in the corner of the ring in his black trunks that leave little to the imagination! It doesn’t seem like Cam is in the mood to make small talk or put up with Ty’s cocky bragging. He reminds him that they are there to wrestle and though it’s been awhile since they’ve seen each other, these two are 100% ready for this rematch!!

They challenge each other to a pinfall match! And Cameron launches into brutal assault on the bleached blonde bad boy and quickly winning the first couple pins in the first minute! Ty tries to talk shit, but Cam is taking none of his crap and focuses on complete domination and humiliation. Every pin puts Ty’s cocky butt on display showing off every inch of his body! 

Cam decided to take a break and stretch out his legs. Is it a trick? Do you even have to ask? He immediately locks them onto Ty and twists him every way he can, and even adds a few slaps to the face to add to the beat down. Atomic drops and some haymakers have Ty begging for mercy! 

But don’t forget, even though Ty is usually a losing jobber (has he ever won?) he’s been training up north and he has learned some real skills! He turns the tables on Cam and you can tell that he enjoys being a bit of a heel! He humiliates Cam by stuffing and wiggling his ass into his face, followed by a tree of woe, and an upside down stinkface! 

But don’t forget who’s the legend here! Cam takes over and gives Ty multiple stink faces and stomps all over his balls! This match becomes less about pins and more about devastating domination!

More Atomic drops, wedgies, bodyslams, piledrivers and pin falls galore, this is a match that fans will be talking about forever!  

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 34 minutes, 13 seconds

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