Cam Zagucci vs. Drake Marcos

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Drake Marcos' star is rising in the world of wrestling. His expressive brand of hard-hitting combative play fuses a feline grace with a sadistic streak, which can be seen in some very revealing vids for other companies. Who better to introduce babyface Zagucci to a whole new world of pain than another babyface brawler. Long and lean vs. pretty and muscular...hairy vs. a tightly locked, rolling, kicking grapple fest that sees these two tough, toned torturers pushing one another to the very limit. 

This is no pro battle with bodies being thrown or crushed...this is hardcore NHB wrestling between two hot dudes with something to prove. Pelvises grind together as each man struggles with the urge to either pull away or lock the hold on tighter. At various points in the match it becomes near impossible to determine where one guy ends and the other begins. 

"Tap or choke's up to you," Marcos offers Zagucci, clamping his arms around his strained opponent's neck. Soon Marcos' slender back is twisting in ways no back should, and brutal chokes are being returned between aggressive slaps, punches, and catty ass beatings and hair pulling. These dudes are well matched, and a definite victor is established, finishing off the begging loser.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes 30 seconds

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