Cal Bennett vs. Zacky Darlin

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Zacky Darlin may look small and scrawny, especially when standing face-to-face with Cal Bennett, but if you’ve ever seen this thin waifish wrestler do his thing, you know he’s got the technical chops to clean any dude’s clock. 

Cal Bennett must not have gotten the memo, because he spends way too much time eating Darlin’s armpits, gagging on his sleeper, and struggling to regain the use of those buff, but clearly useless arms. 

Zacky grinds the heel of his foot deep into Bennett’s balls, rolls him over, and locks on a sweet nelson. 

“Use your legs,” suggests Zacky, urging his much bigger opponent to do better with that sly, sexy voice of his. Soon he’s riding Bennett’s torso like a pony, punching his pecs, and obliterating his sweet, protruding nipples. Sweat cloaks every inch of Bennett’s buff body, highlighting muscles and providing a fittingly slippery surface to further challenge Zacky to really lock on those brutal holds. 

The camera dives in, exploring every crevice, crease, and clenched muscle, as Bennett throws his head back in moaning defeat. Zacky, for his part, parts his perfect lips, his face illuminated with the powerful, gasping pleasure of his role as pain police...but how long can his power last?

Total Run-time: 30 minutes, 45 seconds

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