Cal Bennett vs. Reyes Valenti

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What can we say about Reyes? He’s handsome, smooth, toned, sexy, and knows how to fill out a black speedo. He is definitely not hard on the eyes. Cal, of course, is also a sexy man. Solid body, chiseled chin, gorgeous muscles, and that deep, sexy voice. He fills out his light green speedo just as well as Reyes fills out his black one. WOOF! Who wouldn’t want to wrestle these two hunks? 

Cal has spent his fair share of time in painful wrestling holds and been forced to say “I submit!” more times than he wants to admit to. Reyes is strong, sexy, and ready for action, but he’s lacking in experience. Cal doesn’t have the most impressive win/loss record, but he is hardly a jobber and he knows how to wrestle. Can Reyes use his muscular physique to beat Cal? Hardly. Cal is full of muscles himself and uses them to his full advantage. We have to admit that Reyes suffers beautifully and looks quite sexy struggling to escape Cal’s painful holds. Reyes does get an advantage over Cal, but it lasts less than 30 seconds. 

Cal has an easy victory against Reyes. He did admit that Reyes made him work up a sweat, but that’s near the end of the match. Cal basically uses Reyes as a play toy, even carrying him over his shoulder a couple of times. Poor Reyes never had a chance in this match. He’s tough and refuses to submit, but he’s not in the same league as Cal when it comes to wrestling. But as we said, he suffers beautifully! Cal decides to end the match with a sleeper hold. Reyes does tap repeatedly, even shouting out his submission. Will Cal show mercy and release the choke or will Reyes take a nap on the mat?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 15 seconds

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