Cal Bennett vs. Brad Barnes

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Brad Barnes flexing is all intimidation, until the second his face lights up with that adorable grin. Cal Bennett seems to see right through that smile, certain Barnes’ size is nothing more than a cover for insubstantial grappling ability. 

“You have the size, but I also heard you’re kind of a pussy. I don’t know if you can wrestle,” laugh Bennett, challenging Barnes with his deeply set eyes. 

“I can pose, I’ve got muscle, I’m strong...I can certainly wrestle,” says Barnes, not sounding too sure of himself. Time for a test of strength! 

What is it about arm wrestling? Two dudes with something to prove, their straining faces in close proximity...suddenly the entire world falls away and all that remains is you and your opponent, your abs pressed tight against the floor, and the single struggle roaring like lions between your clenched jaws and bulging arm muscles. Watching Barnes and Bennett fight it out like this is pretty epic!

Maybe the only thing more focused and primal than arm wrestling is a fingerlock test of strength. Barnes and Bennett seem born for this challenge, as one man literally forces another to his knees. Best two out of three has these guys looking like statues of ancient olympians, rippling muscles, pride and pain.  

Now the games are over. It’s time for some real wrestling. It’s a flexing filled fight featuring camel clutches, headlocks, nelsons, scissor holds, and so much well as complete and total annihilation of one cocky wrestler!

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 19 seconds

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