Brute Braynard & Joey Nux vs. Dashing Dustin

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Joey and Brute. Brute and Joey. Massive muscle hunks in matching red Lycra, so tight their powerful bodies are barely contained.

“Who is gonna be next in line to be totally fuckin’ destroyed?” says Brute, that booming bass voice practically reverberating into the floor. When these guys flex, you feel it. The shear muscle mass these two dudes boast is impressive. These muscles aren’t made for pretty flexing, they’re made for pulverizing. So, which massive man will step up the put these dudes in their place? Which giant, which beast, which aggressive animal?

Enter slim, lean, pretty Dustin, barefoot in a v-neck T and jeans. Try and find a cuter little cupcake of a dude. Dustin’s sweet, boy-next-door face gazes up at the mammoth duo in awe. With all the sincerity of a kid on his first trip away from home, he eagerly gushes to Joey and Brute about what a big fan he is.

“So, what are you here for now?” asks Brute, with a twisted grin.

“I’m here to watch y’all wrestle!” says Dustin, beaming with excitement.

“BREAK HIM!” booms Brute. Stupid kid. Joey and Brute don’t wrestle each other...they demolish others. Dustin’s t-shirt is instantly ripped off, his spindly, pale frame is stretched and brutalized, his pasty, lean abs seize up in pain, and that farm fresh face twists in agony. Sandy hair is pulled, and arms are treated like tug-o-war ropes. Dustin is stripped down to revealing underwear, only to be tossed, lifted, chopped, choked, tied, hung, and harangued from one end of the ring to the other, his long, bare feet clenching and releasing with each new game the muscular duo dishes out.

Total Run-Time: 2 minutes, 3 seconds

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