Braden Charron vs. Ty Alexander (Fantasy Fight)

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This Fantasy Fight begins with Braden Charron laying on his back in the wrestling ring. He's contemplating something, but what exactly? Braden moves into some stretching and a posing routine, when Superman (Ty Alexander) shows up perched on the top rope and quietly eyeing the bodybuilder. The two men are chest-to-chest. Braden continues to show off his body to Ty.

A challenge is issued for an arm wrestling match at ringside. A cheap shot from Ty gives him the upper-hand and the action returns to the ring. The attack from Ty is aimed at the mid-section and neck of Mr. Charron. A dragon sleeper and classic sleeper-hold wear the bodybuilder down. Ty can do just about anything he wants.

A pec claw lifts Charron into the corner, where Ty pulls off an impressive upside-down hanging headscissor. Braden is down in with his head sitting on the bottom rope; a perfect position to apply a face-to-crotch headscissor.

Superman takes off his opponents bodysuit to reveal his victim's red speedo that was hidden underneath. "You're a disgrace to this, you know?" exclaims Ty, who continues the assault by strangling the man with his own clothing.

Braden finally finds some light when he powers out of a second upside-down hanging face-to-crotch headscissor. Ty is quickly stripped of his Superman suit and Clark Kent is revealed in a purple speedo. The attack goes to the back. Camel clutch, over-the-knee backbreakers, body slams and, effortless, hip tosses.

As the bodybuilding stud goes for some duct tape lying ringside, he is unaware that Ty is recovering behind him with a wide-open shot to the nuts ready for Braden. Ty seals Charron's mouth shut with a piece of black tape then goes to town on the abs and pecs. Ty applies the two holds that prove to be fatal to Charron's chances of over-powering his much smaller...and more heelish opponent.

After putting the muscle man down with a Kiss of Death sleeperhold, he tapes his hands together and leaves him helpless and potential prey for another sadistic heel.

Total Run-time: 29 minutes

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