Braden Charron vs. Joey Nux (Army vs. Navy)

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Braden Charron and Joey Nux are a near perfect match for one another. Posing midring, they look like brothers in arms, each showing off killer biceps, abs, pecs, and thighs. There’s a steamy quality to their matches, as they gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, challenging one another to fight harder, go further. It’s hard to imagine what could possibly come between two such similar dudes, until they turn around to reveal their individual allegiances. Joey is an army man. Braden is all navy. It’s ON!

Best two outta three arm wrestling starts off the competition. Biceps bulge, teeth grit, pelvises power push into the floor as they strain and rage. Fingerlock tests of strength are next, as massive pecs grind together in a gladiatorial contest that has both boys grunting and groaning in pain and fury. Feet stomp as they strain, shaking the ground like angry ogres battling atop a mountain.

Now it’s getting serious, as they agree to wrestle it out. It’s a breath-taking first lockup, as all the resentment takes to the ring. Full nelson! Backbreaker! Camel clutch! Lifts and carries...even trash talk and hair pulling work their way into the fight. So who’s better? Army or Navy?  

Runtime: 22 minutes, 10 seconds

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