Bolt Jr vs. Dr. Brock (Nude)

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Jolt Jr. is just going for his annual superhero checkup.  Dr. Brock is all too happy to perform one for him, and he goes through the standard items, listening to his heart, checking his breathing, etc.  He then asks Jolt Jr. to hop up onto his examination table so he can relax and some more tests can be performed.  Once the quick ones are done, Dr. Brock asks Jolt Jr. to drink a liquid so that he can conduct some further tests on him while the liquid courses through him.  Jolt Jr. does as he is instructed, but soon finds that he is getting sleepy and within a minute or two, he is unconscious on the examination table, not open to Dr. Brock's more invasive tests and procedures.
It is then that we see Dr. Brock's true intentions with Jolt Jr.  Taking out a diabolical device, Dr. Brock extracts the lightning power from the unconscious young hero and injects it into himself.  Now fortified with the power of lightning itself, the evil villain awakens Jolt Jr. and begins to torture him by not only shocking him with quick power bursts, but also using a steel device to focus the power of the lightning he now wields.  Jolt Jr. is powerless to stop Dr. Brock as the evil medic strips the young hero to the waste and begins twisting his nipples and applying the steel focusing tool.  
Dr. Brock doesn't stop there though and soon our helpless hero is stripped completely and at the mercy of Dr. Brock.  Unable to mount any type of defense against the evil machinations of Dr. Brock, all Jolt Jr. can hope to do is withstand the onslaught long enough for the Dr. to lose interest and move onto his next conquest.   Jolt Jr. will find that will be some time though, as Dr. Brock simply cannot keep his hands off the incredibly toned and young stud.  Dr. Brock's hands explore every part of the hero's body, from his toned chest to his abdomen (and below).  Jolt Jr. does not know what to do in this situation and soon finds himself on his knees and then knocked unconscious from another powerful lightning blast.  Falling face first onto the examination table, Dr. Brock ties Jolt Jr.'s hands behind his back and can only imagine what diabolical fate he has in store for Jolt Jr.  If you enjoy watching a young hero be stripped totally nude and controlled by an older more sadistic villain, this is the video you have been waiting for!
Total running time:  22 minutes, 07 seconds

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