Behind The Scenes (January 2024)

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This behind-the-scenes video provides a candid look at the lives of pro wrestlers, bodybuilders, models, and strippers during various recent shoots this past January in Los Angeles and Florida.

The footage captures slow-motion mishaps, outtakes, and behind-the-scenes antics, showcasing the fun and challenges of their work. What happens when the punches and ball shots are TOO MUCH?

Get the insight scoop from my friend and legendary wrestling producer, Ron. He loves creating wrestling videos and taking pics during shoots. You may recognize him ;)

The video includes late-night shoots, introducing new talent and documenting their first experiences in wrestling matches. What did they think of their first-time?

Casual conversations unfold in spandex speedos and bikinis, emphasizing the camaraderie among the participants. Teamwork is highlighted, with the guys helping each other both in and OUT of their costumes.

Get some poker tips with the Adonis-physiqued masterpiece named Meaty. 

Sneak peaks and close up looks at foot and boot-related shots. I've been trying to add little tease shots for the fans of feet and certain footwear. What do you think of these attempts and experimentations. 

Who might be in the shower adds an element of mystery. Who is your guess?

The video teases upcoming videos and matches on both Wrestler4Hire & Hero Hunks.

Some risqué elements are introduced such as clothespins on nipples and balls, hard hits, and adult themes, promising the "W4H MAX" experience or "NAUGHTY" video ever produced by W4H.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 36 minutes, 42 seconds

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