Austin Cooper vs. Zach Reno (Gym Jock Studs)

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Leg day in the gym, as Cooper kills it. Or is it everything day? Enter fan favorite Zach Reno, who shows off his own special brand of impressive human strength. If you're interested in learning what these guys do to achieve the total physical perfection they display on screen, this title offers a window into the workout room of our wrestlers. 

A minor back-and-forth about chest workouts and sit-ups leads to Reno retaliating with powder, and an abdominal attack on Cooper. It's on! Big guy vs. little guy, but which is stronger? Half nelsons, bear hugs, headlocks and more see Reno struggling to hold his own against the bigger dude. But a skilled stud like Reno knows how to use that strength, surprising Cooper by clenching his head between his thighs from behind and riding his neck like a fuckin' pony. Cooper manages to rise to his feet, lifting Reno off the floor!

It's as much an exhibition of strength, like an old times carnival act, as it is a fight vid, and it concludes with some serious resistance band bondage!

Total Run-time: 25 minutes 

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