Alex Garcia vs. John Bronco (Muscle Worship)

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Bronco is in the mirror, posing, enjoying what he sees.  I suppose he is only human, and so he, too becomes somewhat excited at what he sees reflected back at him, something that gets him somewhat excited and so he also begins to tease his own nipples and also gets the blood flowing elsewhere.  So naturally, as is also something totally natural, he puts his hand down the front of his shorts to help things along.  We soon find that he is not the only one who has been getting excited at the view, as the camera moves to see Alex Garcia, who also is doing a little stroking of his own, his hand down the front of his shorts as well!
Bronco instructs Alex to come over and kiss his biceps and chest, and Alex is all too happy to do just that.  Nothing wrong with a little body worship!  More worship of Bronco's bi-ceps and pecs until Alex goes behind Bronco and surprisingly slaps on a sleeper hold.  The big man falls to the ground!   Although Bronco may be unsconscious, that doesn't stop Alex from continuing his muscle worship, this time focusing on Bronco's legs, thighs, and more chest worship!  Stripping Bronco and then himself down to his tighty-whities, it is apparent both are hard as a rock.
When Bronco suddenly awakens, he is shocked to see that Alex has been feeling him up as he slept.  He slaps on a full nelson and brings the encounter to the ring.  Now he is able to deliver some punishment to Alex, but not so much that both he and Alex can't keep themselves erect and fully filll their white underwear.  The two, while trying to beat the other, seem to have more interest in just seeing the other full erect.  In the end, one of the pair will be unconscious, and the other will be getting the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to run their hands over a sleeping hard body!!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 43 seconds

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