AJ Black vs. Mason Black (Nude)

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Upon waking up one morning the day of a shoot, I received a message that one of the guys for the matches later that day couldn't make it and had to cancel. That left me short. I needed someone and on little notice, so I put up the Bat Signal on Craigslist and found not one, but two lean cuties.

AJ & Mason Black live about 20 miles from me. They showed up together and were a bit reserved. I figured I'd put them together in a match just to see what they naturally had. I showed them a couple cool pro moves and they nervously got into the ring. Before the cameras started rolling, I cracked a joke (or so I thought) suggesting, that because they seemed so reserved maybe they should just do it nude. You know? Jump right into the deep end.

The action was wild! There were about a handful of us watching the match and everyone was focused on the match going on. Wide eyed and excited was the spectacle to be seen behind the camera. My friends were glued to this match. These guys went full steam. Doing every move they knew...and making some up to punish each other as they went.

I thought the match was great. Organic personalities and natural competitiveness. At the end, they BOTH end up bare-assed and the action keeps on going. What starts as two unsure young men covered in shorts and shirts progresses into an all-out nude battle.

Total Run-time: 25 minutes, 35 seconds

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