AJ Black vs. Gabe Steele (My Nuts, Bro)

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AJ Black is in the ring stretching as he readies for his next opponent.  I can imagine he is pouring over the many moves he will make as he grapples with his next opponent.  Striding into the ring comes Gabe Steele, several pounds heavier and more muscular than the wily Black.  Unfortunately for AJ, everything he may have been thinking before the match goes out the window quickly as Gabe begins what can only be described as a good old fashioned beat down of the young Black.
There is no trash talking in this match, just one man whose mission he has set for himself to be to totally annihilate and humiliate another person.  And boy, does Steele do it in spades!  Back breakers, piledrivers, clubbing blows to the back and chest, draping his opponent over the top rope and oh yeah, many painful and brutal ball claws all are on the menu for Black.  The humiliation is so severe that not only does Steele's blue speedo have a difficult time staying on, but at one point, an oversized baby bottle is introduced to further the humiliation.
If you are a fan of a total, dominant, one-sided beatdown of a young twink by a larger, more muscular man, this is a video you do not want to skip.  You will be rewarded many times over.  Unfortunately, what may be a reward for you is sadly not a reward for AJ Black.  He may be better served by doing a little homework on his opponents beforehand and instead of thinking what moves he may place his opponent in be more focused on just how he intends to survive the next match.
Total running time:  19 minutes 37 seconds

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