Ace Owens vs. Cal Bennett

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Ace is impressed with Cal’s strength and size, even admiring it. Ace takes an early advantage and can’t help but add a little trash-talking into his wrestling. Cal has a very impressive set of six-pack abs and Ace has put a bullseye on them, nailing them with some punches, stomps, scissors, and bearhug. Ace has the pretty boy looks of a jobber, but he has proven he has some definite wrestling ability. Cal is finding that out in the opening minutes of this match. From what we’ve seen in this match, Ace might even have a little heel in him. He even resorts to biting Cal’s abs. Yeah, the pretty boy definitely has a dark side. 

Ace gets even more cocky and says, “Okay, I’ll let you get up. I’ll LET you get up!” That’s got to be humiliating for Cal, given that he’s clearly stronger and more muscular. Ace really is showing his mean streak with continued punishment for Cal. He even has Cal completely stretched out, then leans over, bites his side, and spits as if it had a nasty taste. Ace is jumping on the couch, dancing around the mats, and really enjoying himself. Cal, on the other hand, is suffering some serious punishment and humiliation from the young pretty boy. Ace repeatedly tells Cal to get up. Each attempt is met with a double-fist or stomp to the back. Ace really adds insult-to-injury when he says he’s starting to get pleasure out of this. His tight little trunks are black, so it’s hard to tell. Cal starts pleading, “No more abs! No more abs!” Cal swears he isn’t going to give up to Ace, but up to this point, the match has been totally controlled by the young pretty boy as he has turned muscular Cal into his bitch. We wonder if Cal cried this much when he was getting all those tattoos. For the sake of the tattoo artist, we hope not. 

Cal is clearly in pain and says he can’t take it anymore. Since he technically didn’t submit, Ace continues to punish him. Ace throws him up against the wall and really goes after the abs, using punches, kicks, and even a head-butt. Cal’s mid-section is almost as red as his little Calvin Klein’s he’s wearing. Ace grabs him by the neck and throws him down onto the mats. Cal is then thrown onto the couch where the ab abuse continues. Cal finally gives up and tells Ace he’s won, but our pretty boy heel isn’t content with Cal’s submission. 

Ace shows no mercy as he continues to inflict pain and punishment into Cal’s abs. Cal cries out that he said Ace won, but Ace replies, “You’re done when I say you’re done!” Ace stretches Cal out one more time, bites him again, and then spits like he did earlier. Geez, that’s humiliating for Cal. Cal pleads for mercy again, saying, “I’m done! No more!” Ace snickers as he repeats Cal’s words while continuing his total dominance of the muscle stud. A jab to Cal’s abs has him doubled over in pain. Ace stretches Cal out across his back, causing him to scream out multiple submissions before the pretty boy drops him to the mats. Cal is laying face-down on the mats when Ace plants his boot onto Cal’s back and says, “Dominated! Successful day. That didn’t take too long.” He even pulls back the waistband and peers into his tiny black trunks before saying, “Too easy!” 

Ace stands on the couch, posing much like George Washington in the painting of him crossing the Delaware River. He’s arrogant, cocky, and even obnoxious, but he has good reason to be all those things. He’s younger, smaller, less experienced, and not as strong as his opponent. Still, he manages to completely and totally dominate, punish, and humiliate Cal. Ace has definitely earned some bragging rights, as well the respect of the W4H executives and wrestlers. This pretty boy has made a stronger and more experienced wrestler his bitch. Impressive, Ace. DAMN impressive! As for Cal, go home and lick your wounds, boy. You’ve been beaten worse than a 1980’s pro-wrestling jobber on TV. Now THAT’S humiliating.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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