Tempo vs. Joey Nux vs. Nasty Nate (Oil Bash)

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Nasty Nate and Tempo are on the mat for their first oil match.  Both seem a bit tenuous at first, but as Cameron (behind the camera) talks them through it, they both seem to become more at ease with what awaits them.  When Cameron then instructs Joey Nux to get involved in the match as well, you just know that action has been turned up a notch.  If there is one thing that Joey likes better than putting a newbie through their paces, it is putting TWO newbies through their paces.
You can tell that both Tempo and Nate are new to the oil wrestling scene when Tempo decides to wear his boots during the match (something I am sure he will rectify in future matches).  The pair try their best in this new wrestling medium, but as anyone who has ever wrestled in oil will tell you, it takes some time until one becomes comfortable wrestling in oil.  Initial forays into oil take a lot of adjustment, learning how and what to do to best attack and opponent, and more importantly, how to use the oil as a defense against an attacker.
Joey's experience makes this a relatively easy chore for him, as in the end he manages to put both Temp and Nate to sleep on mat.  Neither of the newbies have anything real in the way of defense against the larger more muscular and more experienced Nux.  Joey goes about his task with precision, all the while claiming that he is gunning next for the W4H championship, with a special message for Scrappy.  The rest of the W4H stable should be on the lookout for this new, hungrier, more dedicated Joey Nux!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  26 minutes, 03 seconds

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