Ty Alexander & Ethan Andrews vs. Gabe Steele & Lobo Gris (Nude)

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It is not often that a tag team match is done in the W4H world, especially featuring 4 of the highest quality caliber individuals of Ty Alexander, Ethan Andrews, Gabe Steele and Lobo Gris. Not surprisingly, of the 4, Ty is the loudest and most dismissive of his opponents and the whole situation. So when he begins the match and soon finds himself outmatched, he quickly tags in Ethan. He fares no better and is soon bodyslammed and suplexed all over the ring, much to the chagrin of Ty who continues his complaining from the corner.

After a brief flurry of offense, Ethan manages to tag Ty back in and the bout settles into a flurry of back and forth maneuvers, with the only constant being no matter which team has the advantage, Ty is complaining and running his mouth. He even complains that his own tag partner is making the tags a little too hard.

Eventually, Ty has managed to insult and alienate every individual in the ring; his opponents, his own tag partner, and even the referee. When both Ethan and Ty find themselves on the wrong end of some body slams and head scissors, both are relieved of their wrestling trunks down to just a thong. Unceremoniously draped over the top rope, they go for a ride that they will never forget.

Gabe and Lobo are not done yet and soon, in a final humiliation, Ethan is stripped of his thong as well. Laying naked in the ring, the pair of Steele and Gris subsequently strip Ty, then place him in a very compromising position. For Ethan, this offers him a chance to deliver a little payback for Ty. The four then turn their anger out on the referee before Ethan, Lobo and Gabe deliver their final indignation to Ty. Ty should learn that his mouth should not write checks that his body can’t cash!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 48 minutes, 21 seconds

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Terry Peeler
Right on !

Just the way guys like to tug with other guys. SKIMMING the edge of wonder. It stops at tge point these guys are working out to each other to.
Makes me wanna start back whopping some butt myself.

This is a real man’s , Man video. Justvtoooingvtge edge of satisfaction & wonder if other sides then going to bed to do tge thing with my girlfriend,

Real hot men or simple men like just for fully discovered pleasures to watch football, boxing and wrestling because it simply gives us all a rush to bang the other one we live with as said before above.

No sex seen just sweaty wonder of how men satisfy men to satisfy a women’s desire.

Sexy video!!

Very fun! Great bodies on these boys!!

Dominating the Dragon

Hot match with four stars of the ring. In my opinion all matches should end with the conquered stripped and pinned. Good back and forth before the winners squash the victims. Love this style of match. Hope there are more.

Very sexy match

Loved this match... all 4 guys were on form and the build up to Ty and Ethan being stripped was super sexy. Great to see Ty getting a whooping after all of his mouthing off. And Ethan has an incredible manhood. More nude and secret videos please. 😎

Terry Peeler
Tough. appealing , Real Man Contact.

This is so good. Simply said. TOUGH, MAN TO MAN CONTACT just natural behavior of what men like & do.
These dudes get me going in a way that is beneficial. Really makes me work out & sweat, moan and groan as I lift weights. If you know what I mean.
Just real sexually motivation as men like to do with other dudes as a normal behavior.
Hope this makes sense. I admire each wrestler so much I don’t know which one I would or do like best. Wished I could meet each one while they are in action and in what you see they wear in the video and photos. I am married to a women but this is just so hot for any man she understands well.

It’s human nature. These are hard men to beat. So glad these are made & recorded. Best video & photos I look at each time I can

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