Scrappy vs. Blake Starr (Oil Wrestling)

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Blake Starr is really looking sexy in his yellow and white trunks and much stronger body. Scrappy is simply stunning in his neon green trunks. These two studs have enough testosterone for 10 men. Blake has a couple of inches – in height – on Scrappy, but Scrappy has more muscle. Both men love to trash-talk and both have enormous egos. These muscle men raise the heat when they start oiling each other before the match. There is a high level of sensuality when Scrappy soaks Blake’s solid body in oil. The level of sensuality goes up even higher when Blake oils the rippling muscles on Scrappy. Anything can happen in an oil match, but one thing is for certain, this match will be incredibly sexy. 

These buff bodybuilders are quickly slipping and sliding on the oily mats as they try to control one another. Trying to keep your opponent in a hold when you’re both covered in oil is no easy task. These sexy studs are constantly exchanging holds and slipping away from each other. The grunts, the groans, the grabbing, the squirming, the floundering in the oil, well, it’s enough to drive any of us wild. The ending has a very different sleeper. The loser is choked out by the winner’s foot as he stands and flexes over his fallen victim. We’d strongly recommend keeping your own bottle of oil handy as you watch this match. WOOF!!! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 35 seconds

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