White Wolf vs. Black Kobra

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Our villain is planning to destroy the city by burning it down. Our hero confronts him and says he will never allow the villain to win. The hero quickly pounces on the villain and begins a systematic beatdown of the dastardly evildoer, putting him in his place and making a statement that no nefarious plan will be allowed to come to fruition in his city.

They say “pride leads to the fall” however and it is when the hero take a moment to flex and pose taking in the beauty of his own physique that he allows the villain to turn the tide and gather some chloroform to put the hero out. And put the hero out he does. Not once, not twice, but seven times, gathering more and more pleasure with each subsequent knockout.

Halfway through the hero is stripped of his tights to reveal his tightfitting yellow thong. What began as a simply takedown of a diabolical villain by our hero has turned into something much, much worse for out hero, and for the city at large. With our hero now unconscious for good, can anything stop our villain from executing his nefarious plan?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 18 minutes, 57 seconds

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Hero Chloroformed Again and Again!!!

What starts out as a routine smack down of a villain by a hero is suddenly reversed. White Wolf gets a bit cocky after he thinks he easily defeats Black Kobra and doesn't see him prepare a chloroformed cloth. Black Kobra puts White Wolf to sleep with the chloroform. And he keeps doing it--over and over again. White Wolf's beautiful body is on full display as he is overcome again and again by the chloroform fumes.

If you love seeing the hero knocked out by the villain, then this is the video for you. And lovers of the chloro KO especially need to add this video to their collection. Black Kobra is a master at putting the virile young buff White Wolf to sleep with the cloth.

Great video! I hope to see more chloro hero vs villain videos in the future! The only recommendation I'd make is for the KO'ed hero to be carried away by the villain to be used and abused.

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