Leopard Boy vs. Azul Steele

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Trapped in the villain’s evil machinery our hero Leopard Boy is wide open for our villain. Waiting for the main hero, Jungle Man, but only having his sidekick in his grasp, the villain wants to know when/where the Jungle Man will appear, and he feels Leopard Boy has the vital information. How to get it from the helpless hero? “Torture it out of him”.

And so begins the systematic deconstruction of Jungle Boy. Stretched to unbelievable lengths, torture racked, bearhugged and choked almost to the point of unconsciousness, Leopard Boy is manipulated both physically and mentally to give up Jungle Man’s whereabouts. Leopard Boy begs for Jungle Man to save him, but, alas, there is no reprieve coming for the helpless hero.

Will Leopard Boy finally disclose Jungle Man’s location, or will he overcome the villain’s onslaught and escape to warn Jungle Man that the villain is laying in wait for him? It doesn’t look good for our helpless hero, as he finally succumbs to a powerful sleeper and fades off to dreamland. Once more placed in the villain’s dastardly trap, is it curtains for our hero?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 31 seconds

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