Cam Zagucci vs. Coleman Free

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An exciting match between upcoming lightweight rookie pro wrestlers. The bout takes place in my friend's backyard during a hot summer day. 

All-American pretty boy, Cam Zagucci, brings a trash-talking full contact beat down to his opponent. Coleman Free is a recent find for the site. He is a long-haired rookie pro wrestler from the Mid-Atlantic region.

Cam is more confident than ever and very dominant to his opposition. Coleman won’t go down without a fight. The green wrestlers takes tough talking Cam down to the mat with headlock after headlock. However, Zagucci won’t be so easily outdone. 

The college boy turns the tide feeding his foe a foot choke to the throat and multiple meals of the turnbuckle. Free realizes that the ropes are not his friend if he wants to take out this sexy stud.

This testosterone filled fight ends with both hardcore hunks getting wet in the ring as it starts to rain on their salty sweaty skin. 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 39 seconds

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