Max Ryder vs. Cash (Outdoors)

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The world can be a jungle. Nobody knows this better than Cash, who is clad in just a loincloth. Stepping into Cash’s jungle is Max Ryder. A decision he will soon regret. Soon Max finds himself on the mat, Cash stradled over him, pulling his speedo up and stretching Max in ways that bodies are not meant to be stretched. Cash is the hunter, Max is the prey, and this prey does not stand a chance.

Full nelsons are applied, humiliating slaps and kicks happen, vise-like head scissors occur that serve to further weaken the prey. Max’s eyes virtually roll into the back of his head as he slowly loses consciousness. We have rarely seen Cash so sadistic and methodic in his beatings of his opponents.

After the “stalking” of the prey comes the “kill” and this time is comes in the form of a brutal headlock that takes all remaining defense from his prey. Now having rendered his opponent completely unconscious, the king of jungle smells his prey and beats his chest in victory. A spank for good measure and Cash declares , “there’s a lot of meat on this one.” Thrilling!

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 37 seconds

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