Cam Zagucci vs. Guido Genatto (My Nuts, Bro)

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You'd have to be stupid (or really horny) to take on Guido Genatto. Watching any one of this dude's matches should make perspective challengers think twice. Pretty boy Zagucci clearly doesn't have a membership, because he's far too cocky showing off his red pro trunks and his dumbass leather jacket. Guido Genatto wastes no time punishing this poser with ball-crushing, neck-wrenching, back-breaking, trash-talking domination that sees the youth apologizing in the event of his balls getting ground into dust! 

"Little fuckin' bitch!" Genatto roars, utilizing any number of athletic items and technical wrestling moves to beat his opponent into the mats like the pitch he is. Expertly styled and coiffed hair flips and deflates as the pretty man suffers at the master's hands.

Boxing gear, and eight pound medicine ball, resistance bands, and more give this particular torture session an added interest, as big Genatto uses every part of his massive bod to batter this boy into submission.  

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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