Cam Zagucci vs. Ace Owens (Pros Up-Close)

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Owens and Zagucci face off, looking like a pair of comic book sidekicks in a heated argument over who’s cuter. Owens is more cut, all goofy smiles and tossing, dark curls. Zagucci is thicker in build, with a youthful face and a playful wrestling style. They make a perfect match, pushing one another into corners in a tangle of hands, pressing chests together, and daring each other to fight harder. 

Zagucci displays some acrobatics tricks. Owens displays some serious bicep work. It’s a fair back-and-forth between two dudes who can’t remember if the after match drinks are supposed to be purchased by the winner or the loser. Booted feet lockup to inflict maximum pain on heads, necks, and torsos. Bearhugs lead to rope bouncing and posing. 

Hold after hold, the guys keep checking in with one another. 

You good? 

I’m good. You good? 

But with each exchange, the words sound more and more aggressive. Soon both dudes are pressed against the ropes, straining and flailing, attempting to inflict the most damage. And aggressive exchange of abdominal slaps leads to a tumbling competition, which gives Zagucci an open invitation to grab a handful of Owens’ curls and yank him roughly to the floor to plant a white, shiny boot against his throat. 

What started off as a cute catfight builds up to a full on closed fisted punchup, with fists of fury flying right and left, and two evenly-matched men going at it hard.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes

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