Max Ryder vs. Ken (Bro Battle)

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Max is on the mat stretching and doing yoga in preparation of his next opponent. Ken wastes no time on a sneak attack from behind and the battle is joined. Having seized the initiative with his dirty tactics, Ken gets out to an early advantage. Max is quickly coming into his own however, and he manages to turn the tables on the golden speedo clad grappler.

The two similarly sized wrestlers trade move for move for much of the battle. Full nelsons give way to sleeper holds and head locks. Humiliating slaps across the face are used to revive weary wrestlers and leg scissors slowly decrease the amount of air one combatant is getting to his very hurting lungs. As if to hurry along the process, the unfortunate stud is also choked to unconsciousness repeatedly.

What starts as a relatively even match quickly descends into one in which total domination is realized by one wrestler over the other. The look of utter defeat on the face of the loser is real, the joy on the face of the winner is total and the ultimate winner in all of the proceedings is you, the viewer!

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 59 seconds

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