Joey Nux vs. Mark Muscle vs. Gunnar

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Mark Muscle is helping Gunnar by teaching him the ropes of wrestling. A bearhug and some stretches of Gunnar’s legs help to break the ice. There’s only one problem, Joey Nux is trying to sleep in the same room and he begins complaining. Unable to get some sleep, Joey instead starts critiquing the workout…and suffice it to say he is not incredibly impressed!

Finally, Gunnar and Mark have had enough of the comments from the peanut gallery and force Nux out of the bed and into the workout. The double team begins with Mark bearhugging Joey from behind while Gunnar delivers blows to Joey’s abdomen. There is no part of Joey that is spared in the ensuing 15 minutes as the duo of Gunnar and Muscle take turns beating on the weakened Nux and then together continue the assault.

Joey keeps reiterating that he only wants to go to sleep, and in the end, Muscle and Gunnar assist Joey and doing just that as they together choke out the big man. Muscle’s lesson for Gunnar is complete, and in the end, it was Joey who was the recipient! If you ever wanted to see Joey Nux just completely dominated by 2 other muscled guys, this one is for you!

Total Running time: 19 minutes, 53 seconds

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