Joey Nux vs. Blake Starr (Bro Battle)

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In Joey Nux and Blake Starr you have two very well sculptured men, but of very different sizes. Both are impressive to look at, and when they collide it doesn’t go well for the largely outmatched Blake. Joey, clad in a leopard skin loincloth, finds Blake in his bed, wearing just a very revealing red thong. The beatdown begins with a foot to Blake’s crotch, and then Joey deposits Blake on a nearby sofa. More crotch abuse ensues, followed by a foot to the throat and some crotch punches.

After some sleeper holds, Joey continues to punish the chiseled Starr, from punches, stretches, sleepers and more crushing feet to the package of Blake. Hearing Blake cry in agony as he takes all of the abuse only enhances the enjoyment of the match. In the end, Joey gives Blake the sleep his was looking for, if somewhat unwillingly for Blake.

The best part of the match? You are up close and personal in experiencing Blake’s pain. The camera gets nice and close to all of Blake’s body so you see the pain on Blake’s face and every part of his body as Joey systematically destroys the young stud. It is a master class in how to destroy another person from one of the best!

Total Running time: 17 minutes, 4 seconds

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