Bam Bam Bossio vs. Braxton

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It's always exciting to see new talent in W4H.  It is not often that we get to see 2 newbies face off against one another.  That is case here as Bam Bam Bossio takes on Braxton.  As each is new, both have a burning desire to showcase their talent, and make a name for themselves.  It is not too far a suggestion to say that when the reputations of both individuals are trying to be made, both wrestler's ego may be a bit bigger than normal.  Tempers may flare a bit sooner than normal, and it becomes more akin to two alpha males fighting to see which one will stand tall.
Both combatants seem very comfortable within the squared circle, with Braxton getting out to a lead by keeping Bam Bam grounded and applying several vice-like holds on the talented Bam Bam.  A triangle head scissor nearly puts Bam Bam out, but through sheer force he manages to life Braxton up and drop him on his back on the mat.  This provides just a temporary respite however, as Braxton soon comes right back with a figure four leg-lock.  Not to be outdone, Bam Bam locks in a deep sleeper hold onto the struggling Braxton, who slowly begins to fade.
Back and forth the pair go, trading hold for hold.  It is not until a dragon sleeper causes on the grapplers to finally tap that we have a winner.  But do we have a poor loser?  After the tap out they jump the winner, only to once again be put into another sleeper hold, this time to ensure they can cause no more mischief.  An impressive debut for both of these individuals who are sure to go on to bigger and better things within the W4H empire.  Keep an eye out for both these individuals, they may very well be the future of underground wrestling.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  26 minutes, 17 seconds

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