Where have I been hiding?

Not gonna lie, I’ve been enjoying the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I have been working on the site(s), too. I’ve just been spending a lot of time fishing and enjoying other hobbies. I’ve been meaning to write this blog for awhile. The reminders in my phone kept going off and I even had the plan to write it on a long car ride to Boston last week, but I got into a good conversation with my friend and ran out of time.

The Hero Hunks site is only missing two more graphics then it will be ready to launch. As long as the test run goes well. I expect to have the graphics in hand by this week. I don’t have nearly the capabilities as my buddy who helps out with the photoshop work. I had things ready to launch on July 4th, but the site was working properly, so I had to push it back. Other sites are still being worked on, but I definitely need more videos before I think I’m ready to launch Jock Tickle. As for W4H Max, that’ll be launching this Fall once you’ve had enough time to enjoy the Summer weather. Expect that around late September.

As for my Summer “vacation,” I’m up in Northern New England where it’s been a bit cold for my liking. I think Florida has warmed my blood up and I look forward to returning to the warmer climate once it cools off this September.

My travels have been postponed, but I’m sure I’ll be ready for California, Texas, Chicago & more soon enough. Planning a trip to Alaska with some friends. Any recommendations of things to see or do there? Shoot me an email, if so. It’ll be my first time there.

I’ve done a few private wrestling matches in Boston, Providence & New York City and I’ve been working out locally at a pro ring in town with a friend and a few local wrestling students. I even attended a WWE Live Event last week with my nephew and a couple other family members. Had great seats; 2nd row ringside. Thanks for a past wrestler on the site for hooking up some awesome tickets at the very reasonably price of FREE dollars. I am, however, annoyed that WWE was selling collectible cups with 32 ounces of drink for $5, but only poured a 20 oz. beverage into the cup. Anyone else had this experience at a WWE event? I can’t complain too much about it, but it annoys me when something is advertised then they switch it thinking people won’t notice.

Anyway….saw Jonny Firestorm briefly a couple weeks back at his place in Southern New England. I don’t spend nearly enough time with that guy. He’s smart and funny. Not sure if that comes across in his videos. Originally my plan was to spend the summer in Massachusetts at a friend’s house, so I could spend time wrestling and hanging out with my friends in the area. It seems I’m riding these next couple months out up in Maine. Much different pace up here than Tampa, which can get boring but I can always get out of the area if I really want to get into some action.

Been keeping busy with other tasks. Remember that coffin/casket from Vampire Tales? Well, I finally painted it how I wanted it (after 5 years of putting it off). It’s now black with red velvet lining and I think I’m gonna need to use it in an upcoming video. Also, been doing other crafts/carpentry. It’s nice to step away from the computer screen after the last 18 months of a full steam workload.

No plans for any shoots coming up. I worked hard to make sure I could enjoy a couple nice months by doing lots of shoots before July hit. I’ll be back at it soon though.

As for the blog, I’ve been debating adding guest contributors to the blog and adjusting the layout to be more user-friendly. I finally decided I’d pull the trigger. To modify the layout to do what I want is only gonna cost me a $1000 (eye roll), but I think you’ll enjoy it. My roommate from Florida has a great mind for the scene. Let’s be honest, I’m really just good at wrestling and acting like I’m in pain (and sometimes being in pain).

I’ll still be doing a blog, but I think it’ll be nice to have more frequent additions, especially from people I admire and look to for help when I try to grow this site. Hell, maybe I can convince Ron Sexton or Kid Leopard. I think it’d be interesting to hear their thoughts on the wrestling world.

That should catch you up on what’s going on in my world. Just trying to slow down for the summer and enjoy some beautiful sunsets. May even take up golfing. Had a fan hit me up saying it’s a great hobby to take your mind off things and told me he was sending me a set of clubs that were left behind at his place of employment. I’m always open to suggestions on things to do, see, explore, etc.  I’ll respond to the non-urgent emails in a couple weeks (I hope), thanks for understanding. I need the time away from a computer screen, but I do make sure that the emails that need immediate attention get handled.

Hope this post wasn’t too long for you to read.

Let me leave you with this picture that I took of a sunset in Maine.

Now you know why I prefer to be away from the computer screen lately

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