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I've been intending to write this post for the last week. Things have been incredibly busy and time consuming lately. On top of that, I've been having a hard time finding the motivation and intensity I used to have. Maybe it's old age. Maybe it's being in a North New England winter. Maybe it's the craziness of the world right now. It's gotta be some mix of them. 

Recently, I've been finding time to answer 400+ e-mails that I slipped on. Nothing too serious - mostly custom video ideas, some fan questions. I did miss out on a few private matches which may have been energy producing. It's interesting - the more you wrestle the more you seem to be able to. Not sure if that wording makes sense, but maybe you know the energy you get when you're going to the gym and eating right. I definitely gotta find some activities outside to enjoy.

I go to pro wrestling practice once a week - give or take. I'm in the gym 4 to 5 times a week. I even started doing cardio again. Holy shit are burpees intense. First time I tried them my lungs were on fire. I look forward to getting my wind back. Should start doing more grappling and wrestling - maybe a little pick up basketball. Can someone make COVID go away already? 

I'm looking at at least 2 weekends of pro wrestling in the near future. The end of January and mid-February. Went and got some BRAND NEW custom gear made (and more coming) by Lou Bird. Incredible work he does. I am BEYOND impressed with it. May have him make some custom gear for some W4H wrestlers. Would be cool to see Scrappy, Joey Nux, Travis and some others in their own custom attire. If you have any ideas shoot them to me please.

In between those pro dates I have planned 3 to 4 days of filming down in Tampa. I have my annual check-up with my doctor, so I figured I might as well make a work trip out of it. I've set most the roster in stone, but I'm always looking for a few additions. I'd rather have too many wrestlers than not enough...plus I'm really digging the multi-location shoots. Having a Bro Battle in the living room or pool or bedroom while two guys go at it in an NHB Fights match in the garage or outside. 

So far this is the shoot roster for February 4th through 7th
-Joey Nux
-Ty Alexander
-Ethan Andrews
-Calvin Rogers
-Drew Harper
-Elite Eliot
-Christian Thorn
-Dr. Maniacal
-Gabe Steele
-Lobo Cris
-Jake Daniel

Looking at Blake Starr, Tanner Hill/Cena and maybe Gunnar or Cash. Maybe others? Send me your ideas.

I'll be filming NHB Fights, Hero Hunks & Oil Wrestling. Of course, I'll film a few pro matches too, but I am running dangerously low on the other video styles. Anything else I should be filming? Thinking I'd be able to do some cameo type videos if you wanted to a shout out or a hello from your favorite wrestler(s). Is that a good idea? I don't know. My buddy, The Golden Terror, mentioned it and I figured I'd throw it out there.

I'm hoping things calm down enough for me to do a shoot in March or April in Los Angeles. I've been getting some good leads and there are a couple studs out there I've been wanting to use on video again. I'm open to suggestions for that shoot too. 

If you haven't noticed I've released some more "adult" style videos on the website under SECRET VIDEOS

Been an intense end of 2020. Found out about Z-Man's car crash back in September. He was supposed to be at a shoot and no showed. Turns out he was in a near fatal wreck. He's recovering nicely. Gonna be a long road but I've got faith he'll heal almost 100%. He's Z-Man. Dude is practically timeless.

Raging Beast had a house fire recently. Or at least recently to my knowledge. Zach Altovito let me know. He isn't the only fire that hit close to home. I hope everyone is staying safe. It's amazing how quickly things can turn around - for better or worse.

My grandma got some good news though. I've spent most of the summer up here going to her cancer treatments with her. Not because I want praise. She practically raised me, so it was the absolute least I could do. She did her first round of treatment but had to go back for a different type of therapy. She just finished with the radiation portion last week and is on a break for 3 months. They expect to have gotten all of it...or most of it. Wanted to share that was big news in my world. 

I was also able to raise an extra $1250 (100% of my goal) for my annual Birthday/Holiday fundraiser. I was able to donate $3000 to my hometown community action program. I also donated some funds to St. Jude, Alzheimers research and a few other community GoFundMe's. I appreciate the ones who helped and supported me in this. I hope you saw my thank you message to you. If not, thank you from my most sincere place. 

It got me making progressing on starting a charity/non-profit finally. It was actually on my 2020 list of goals. I'm in the process of finishing the paperwork and waiting for the final approval. If you have any tips or advice on this let me know. I'd love some guidance.

Anyone out there know about the stock market? I've made some investments for my retirement account and wanted some feedback on them since things seem to be chaotic lately. I've got a little bit of Tesla, QualComm, Raytheon Tech, PayPal, Wells Fargo & Silver. Always open to learning. Thinking about getting into a small piece of BitCoin. Seems like it's catching on with the institutional traders.

Alright, my mind is wandering now and I'm gonna do a little research before tucking myself into bed in a few hours. 

Here's to hoping 2021 is drastically improved from 2020!!!




Hi Cameron, belated Happy New Year! Excited to see the new fights you’re filming. Loved the Secret Videos addition to the site too… thanks for keeping us entertained during the lockdown over here in Europe. 😎



Yes looking forward the matches. Please travis vs scrappy =) and hope you bring tanner hill..hes one of my all time favourites



Cameron you’re my favorite wrestler..I’m dying to pay to be your jobber.
In a hotel match sometime

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