What’s been happening?

Been super busy lately…even more so than normal.

Had a fantastic shoot this past Saturday. Trying some new stuff and invited some “twinks” to come wrestle for me. Was pleasantly surprised with how well it went…and was blown away by the new guy, Dustin, who is a handsome lightweight wrestler with a fully filled speedo.

Dashing Dustin

Shot with a 5 new guys, which had me hesitant. Things turned out well after a slow start. I did a live Facebook post a couple times during the shoot to offer an inside look. Hope you enjoyed that. Planning to do it more often.

5-Way Lightweight Free-For-All

Jayden Mayne showed up in phenomenal shape. Best shape I’ve ever seen him in.

Jayden Mayne in top shape

I’ve been editing all the videos from this weekend, doing write-ups, editing photos and will finally be making movie trailers, so I can upload all this fresh content to the site to start releasing.

Speaking of releases: WOW! I’m more impressed seeing the content on the site than I was filming it or seeing it back after I edited it…and that’s saying a lot. Marco Thunder, Cam Zagucci, Tyler Royce, CJ Reznik, Nick Sparx, Max Quivers and Rendell Zebu are excellent additions. If you haven’t seen them, yet, I strongly recommend checking them out. You may find a new favorite (or certainly a Top 5 find). Each bring their own special allure and appeal.

The MEMBER VIDEOS area has become a hell of a deal lately. I’ve uploaded some of the recent content to be released there. For $29.95, I don’t think you’ll find a better deal on the internet for the amount and quality of content you’ll get. Drake Marcos, Brad Barnes, Cam Zagucci, Tyler Royce, Nick Sparx and much more available there. Take a glance.

I’ve been trying to kill it with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and expect that to help grow the business end, so I’ll be able to do more matches and shoots. If you have any other ideas who I can expand the audience, please, I’m all ears. Shoot me an e-mail at info@wrestler4hire.com

I’ve been organizing 3 more shoots including one back in my home state and one in Florida at the end of the month. That’s 3 shoots for my site just this month. I’ll be finalizing my Midwest shoot for April 14th in the next day or so and am I excited about some new models/wrestlers that I’ll be using there, as well as a returning model or two.

While I’m in the Midwest (Indianapolis), I’ll also be traveling to Chicago & St. Louis for matches. Perhaps, I’ll even wander over to Des Moines (Iowa) for a match or two. Definitely looking forward to getting some physical action in, especially after spending so much time in front of a computer screen recently.

I will be in Boston area briefly in a few days. Not sure I’m going to have a bunch of time for Pro vs. Joe sessions, but I’d definitely like to.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are coming together nicely. As well as Dallas, Austin & Houston trips.

I’m going back to work now. Hope you enjoyed this update.

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