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It's official! I am back in Florida. I spent my last days in New England this past weekend where I wrestled a WWE Hall of Fame Superstar...and I won! 

Anyway, I am back in Florida full-time. 

While I was up north, I picked up the BRAND NEW CUSTOM-MADE Wrestler4Hire Championship belt. 

I'm not sure how I am going to crown a champion. Debating on if I wanna do it tournament style...or maybe a battle royal with the last man standing getting the title...or maybe I'll just award it to the most qualified.

What are your thoughts? How should we decide who the W4H Champion is? 

Who do you think should be the Champion? Comment below.

I've been SUPER BUSY and plan to be right up through the end of the year. Recently, I found 60+ classic videos from 2010 to 2013 featuring myself, Jonny Firestorm, Donnie Drake, Caleb Brand, Shannon Embry, Johnny Jobber, Justin Rage, Ethan Andrews and loads more...including some with WWE wrestlers. I have to grab some pics from them and make some trailers, but I plan to be releasing those throughout 2022 and 2023. 

Also, this Monday I have a small shoot I'll be doing. I had a few custom video requests so I've gotten a few of my pals together for a shoot. So far we have myself, Jacob Van Acker, AJ Black, Gabe Steele and a couple new guys. I'm even gonna fly in Max Ryder.

Here is a pic of new guys Jay (top or left) & Javier (bottom or right)

If you want to discuss any custom requests over the next few days then shoot me an email info@wrestler4hire.com

I'll be busy tomorrow and Thursday (Thanksgiving) but should have more free time Friday and Saturday. We will be utilizing the ring and maybe some wrestling mats for some competitive matches. 

Things will be heating up on the site as I have a BIG end of November planned and a HUGE December plan including a double birthday celebration for Ty Alexander and myself. You don't wanna miss that one!

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