Upcoming Travel & Video Shoot Schedule

I’ll be heading back south in just a few weeks, so I figured I’d post my schedule through the next couple of months. I start my road trip back to Florida on September 17th and will spend a few days wrestling on the way down…

September 4th – Boston & Providence
September 5th – Chicago
September 17th – Boston & NYC
September 18th – NYC area
September 19th – Washington, DC area
September 20th & 21st – Charlotte & Atlanta areas

I also plan to make it to the following areas this Autumn…

October – Los Angeles area
October – Dallas, Austin & San Antonio (Texas)

Early November – London (England)

Shoot me an email if you wanna discuss setting up a match against me, info@wrestler4hire.com


I’ve been getting a lot of texts, Facebook messages and phone calls from guys ready to get back into the wrestling scene…and, to be honest, I am, too! So I’ll be organizing a couple shoots for October & November. I’m thinking of something like that following….

October – Los Angeles – Wrestler4Hire & W4H Max Shoot

Here’s a couple guys on the shortlist that I’m looking into getting for this shoot….

-Jobe Zander
-Cali Boy
-Chace LaChance
-Rolf Fulton
-Kyle Braun
-Braden Charron
-AJ Irons
-Tristan Baldwin
-Christian Thorn
-Joey Nux

October – Tampa – Wrestler4Hire & Hero Hunks Shoot

Here are a few of the guys I’m thinking I want to use…

-Blake Starr
-Chet Chastain

-Elite Eliot
-Braden Charron
-Ty Alexander
-James Quarterstaf
-Rio Garza
-Mark Muscle
-Chace LaChance
-Tristan Baldwin
-Ricky Vegas

I have a few other “newbies” I’m looking to chat with about joining the underground scene.

As always, I’m open to suggestions on who you’d like to see at upcoming shoots. Send me your ideas and feedback to info@wrestler4hire.com

As well, if you want a custom video created, hit me up with your idea and we’ll discuss making it a reality.

I am looking to do some more tickling videos for my Jock Tickle site. I’ve currently put it on the back burner, so I could launch W4H Max in October. I’ll be finalizing that website over the next month or so.

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