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I set a reminder in my phone thinking I’d have much more to talk about for this blog. Everything seems to be going well. I will be loading the last of the brand new content onto the site to be released throughout January, February and March. After that I am back behind the camera with two big shoots.

I can’t say everything now, but let’s just hope that things go as planned and we both get to see these guys in action.

My first shoot will be in Tampa at the infamously dubbed Jack Shack and Prop House. That is where I mainly have been shooting in Tampa and consider it my “home base.” I keep all my gear, costumes, boots, props and what-have-you at that place. I’ve got a solid roster in place for that shoot.

Below are the names and some photos of the wrestlers at the upcoming shoots. Some do private for hire wrestling sessions. If you live an one of the areas below and want to do some Pro vs. Joe stuff, contact me info@wrestler4hire.com and I’ll try to set it up

January 20th

-Christian Thorn
-Dashing Dustin
-New guy, Seth (tall and very lean, could be a runway model)
-New guy, Gabe
-Secret former TV Wrestler

Also, I may have Blake Starr, Marco Thunder, Matty O’Boy and Brute Baynard available.

Shoot your custom video requests to my e-mail, info@wrestler4hire.com


The other shoot is the biggest one I’ve ever had…with a huge surprise star. I’ll be shoot in NYC, I believe. If I know any photographers in that area who’d like to shoot for me that day…then give me a shout.

February 22nd

-Cali Boy
-Braden Charron
-Tristan Baldwin
-Chet Chastain
-Joey Nux

I may see if Christian Thorn and/or Zach Reno are available for that one, too.

Any custom video ideas you have for that, drop them to me at my e-mail: info@wrestler4hire.com


I think after these two shoots, I’ll be back behind the computer for a bit. However, I am curious as to who you’d like to see more of in 2018. I’ve got a good amount of matches to release up until March/April but I wanna start planning some Springtime shoots.

That’s all for now. Make sure you vote below. I’ll be announcing who won the polls in a week or so.

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