Upcoming Shoot - October 23

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I've set the roster for my next shoot in Boston. We will be filming in a pro wrestling ring as well as some Hero Hunks themed matches. If you want to chat about doing a custom video or have some ideas for what we should film then shoot me an email info@wrestler4hire.com


Cameron (myself)
Mark Muscle
Braden Charron
Tristan Baldwin
Jonny Firestorm
Donnie Dukes

and new guys.....



TANK (6'2", 280 pounds)


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  • Hope to see the new guy SteveD barefoot in the ring, getting punished and destroyed by a heel dominator…

    Jebshiran on
  • So glad the best in the biz is back filming. Braden is an absolute god of a man and hopefully we get some barefoot matches of his, and get to see him dominated barefoot to😈

    Josh on
  • I echo Brad ! Cameron, Braden, Tristan and Johnny are the Fab 4 of Underground Wrestling…. The Mt Rushmore of Rassling… Toss in Cam Zagucci too !

    Glenn on
  • Really happy to see you, Braden, Jonny and Tristan all still filming matches. Love all four of you guys!

    Brad on

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