Travel Schedule

This is my (Cameron) travel schedule for the next few months. Shoot me an email if you want to meet up for a match! Also, I’ll be in filming some different types of wrestling and fight scenes during the upcoming months, so send your model/wrestler suggestions and match ideas. Heck, maybe even make a custom video!

After May 5th, I’ll be based in the northeast, again for the summer months. Crashing with a few friends and family until the heat of Florida cools.


I will be filming frequently in Boston & NYC during late Spring and through the summer months. 

March 17 & 18: Boston
March 19 – 31: Tampa/Orlando

April 4 – 8: Ft. Lauderdale/Miami
April 9 – 12: Tampa
Mid-April: Chicago & St. Louis

April 29th – May 4th: Road Trip from Orlando to NYC
Stops in: Savannah (Georgia); Charleston (South Carolina); Myrtle Beach (South Carolina); Washington, DC; Philadelphia; New York City

May/June: Texas
May/June: Utah
May/June: Boston, Providence & NYC


Looking to plan some trips to the following places:
-Nashville (Tennessee)
-Los Angeles (California)
-San Francisco (California)

Always open to travel to other places than what I have listed, so send me your suggestions on places I should visit and experience.

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