Top 5 Jobbers

As I lay here in my hotel bed on the eve of an upcoming shoot, I sift through my Roster page debating who I would give my endorsement as a great jobber. I think I’ve done it.

1) Alex Oliver

When I was first told of Alex Oliver, I admit I didn’t know exactly what I was getting, but from the moment he walked in the door I knew he’d be a fan favorite. As soon as he put on a speedo and was wrapped up in a sleeper hold, I knew he’d be a great jobber. Alex is from a small town and attends a small university where he enjoys the college life. Smarter than you’d expect and great eye candy.

His matches versus Guido Genatto (This One & That One), versus Damien Rush (Knocked Out & This One) along with vs. Mark Muscle (Fantasy Fight), Chet Chastain (Loser Gets Spanked) and The Mountain (My Nuts, Bro) are amongst my favorites he’s been in. Of course, there is the favorite Gut Bash featuring him and Sgt. Stiff

2) Mark Muscle

This guy is fucking impressive. A gift to me from Brendan Cage and I can never thank him enough. Six foot, four inches (maybe 6’5″) and 270 pounds of Grade-A beef.  Although, he has shown his power and dominance. I like when he suffers better. Lately, I’ve filmed a bunch of matches featuring him as a jobber that are getting ready to be released on this site.

As for my currently released favorites of Mr. Muscle, I’d say his match versus Guido Genatto (Forced To Flex) and his match with Mike Splitz (Split & Stretched), even though he’s not the jobber in the video. Keep an eye out on the upcoming releases where Mark is punished by Austin Cooper, The Mountain & Flash LaCash. All were good, in my opinion.

3) Johnny Jobber

Holy shit! Can this guy take a beating. I get requests from wrestlers on my Roster to allow them to destroy this young man. I’ve known Johnny for 5 years when he first broke into the pro wrestling business. He’s always been a jobber at heart. Reminding me a lot of myself, just happy to be living his dream, even if he is the play-toy for the bigger and more experienced pros.

His match with Guido Genatto (Available Soon) blew us all away from the sidelines while it was being filmed THEN he followed up that beating by being defeated by Flash LaCash (Unleashed)

4) Zach Reno

I got a ton of e-mails about Zach. He’s real easy going. Definitely a man’s man; skilled in carpentry and other hands-on labor. I met Zach at BG East and ran into him again on the pro wrestling circuit. He’s definitely a fun, competitive match with the right opponent. Unfortunately, for him at least, he suffers so well and puts on a great show as the victim.

It’s hard to pick a favorite match where Zach is getting his ass kicked. He takes a whooping’ so well. He was just in town last week and filmed several new faves, but those aren’t ready for the site…yet. Soon, I promise.

I will vouch for his destruction (and his balls, too) at the hands of Guido Genatto (Click Here – Ouch) and how could we forget the first time he and Guido met…when Guido UNLEASHED on the little guy. He took Ethan Andrews spot in “Jobbers Need Love, Too 2” and I found his match with Florida boy, Austin Cooper in Gym Jock Studs to be very exciting.

5) Cal Bennett

I couldn’t leave Cal off this list without feeling weird about it. He’s hard to get nailed down to shoot with, but he’s worth the wait for sure. I look forward to shooting with him when he returns to the states. He’s a stud and it’s always hot to watch him suffer.

Cal was one of the first victims of Chet Chastain’s recent heel-turn (Seen Here) and he was stuck in a cage against natural-heel Lon DuMont (Cage Torture). I think he suffered best when he was pitted against two opponents: Flash LaCash & Ty Alexander (Double-Teamed) As I said, I will be pumped when he let’s me know he’s back in town and wants to film.

Honorable Mention:  Z-Man, Jayden Mayne and Marc Merino

Share your opinions. What do you think?

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