Top 5 Heels

Where to start? Where to start?

Let’s chat about this past Wednesday. I had a quaint shoot that produced some solid matches with some old friends. We sat around wearing speedos, eating pizza and watching Deadpool while chit chatting about wrestling, football and politics. It wasn’t my most efficient shoot, but over the course of 8 hours, I was able to record 11 matches including some oil wrestling, a real submission match, a Superman battle and a couple ball bashes.

Near the end of the shoot, I gathered a few of my friends to do a live Q&A chat on my Facebook page ( and I will be leaving the video up for a couple more days, so make sure you check it out. Guido Genatto was the main focus of the chat, but it was great to watch the interactions between him, Drake Marcos, Zach Reno, Brad Barnes and the new guy, Cam Zagucci.

These chats are getting better and look for some input on who you’d like to chat with next.

I’ve spent the last few days editing video and uploading new content. Will be gathering screenshots and making trailers for the website over the next week. I expect to put up some fresh matches this week and next. I hope I’m filming stuff you like and are deciding to purchase. I like the creative aspect of producing matches, but I am starting to miss the action, so I may step into the ring and/or on the mat real soon.

Started an Instagram account to show off photos and hopefully attract some interests in the website. (


I want to keep doing this, but need to make sure that things are selling on the site. It’s been up-and-down throughout the year and hope that 2017 is a break-through year as far as the site’s success. I will continue to make adjustments in hopes of becoming the top website for underground wrestling.

Here is my Top 5 Heels list for my roster


  1. Guido Genatto
  2. Will Favero
  3. Flash LaCash
  4. Damien Rush
  5. Lon DuMont

Who is in your Top 5?

Will be announcing my travel schedule for the rest of the Winter and Spring of 2017 soon.

I think I covered everything for this post. Back to editing for me.

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