This Past Weekend & Worn Speedos For Sale

This weekend I gathered my friends around for two days of fun shooting in New England. I got most of the matches that I wanted and the next week or two will be spent editing the footage and photos. If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list, you may want to do so now. It’s the best way to know what is going on with the site.

I got a lot of questions about who was there. Friday night, I filmed in a private gym and mat room with Tristan Baldwin, Austin Cooper, Chet Chastain, Ty Alexander, Zach Reno & Alex Oliver. Great group of guys to work and play with. On Saturday, the line-up was a bit more crowded. Mark Muscle & Joey Angel flew in from New Jersey to join myself, Alex Oliver, Austin Cooper, Flash LaCash, Guido Genatto, Johnny Jobber & a couple others. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you saw some great sneak-peek photos.

As I was helping the guys pick out their “costumes” for their matches, I decided I needed to have a bit of a yard sale. I have soooooooo much gear. Over a decade of wrestling and collecting has given me an abundance and, to be honest, some of it will not be used again, so why keep it?

Below will be a list and photos of the current batch of speedos, underwear, pro gear, etc. that I’m looking to sell.


#1 – Blue crushed velvet booty shorts. I wore these as a pro wrestler during my younger years when I was a tag team with Paul Hudson. ———–> $50

#2 – Black and yellow speedos. Worn at Spotland Scrappers and during private sessions. Worn against Sammy Scrapper and Young Ady (during a custard match) ———> $125

#3 – Aqua crushed velvet pro trunks with pleather white waistband. I wore these several times during 2005-2009 including against WWE, TNA Wrestling & Ring of Honor wrestlers and a few BG East stars. ———-> $125

#4 – Purple square cuts worn during pro wrestling career from 2005-2007 when I was a tag team with Lane Hartley. ———> $75

#5 – Green Aeropostale brand boxer briefs worn as daily underwear and gym attire. No longer wear undies so…. ————> $40

#6 – Black and purple Diesel brand boxer briefs. Worn during Mud Wrestling match against Young Ady and as daily underwear. ———–> $150


#13 – Red “Life Guard” Speedos. Worn several times for Thunders Arena, including match against muscle stud, X-Frame. Worn during private sessions. ———> $100

#14 – Purple and white pro trunks. Custom made pro trunks worn religiously during 2011-2013 in some of my best and biggest matches. One of my favorite pair of trunks inspired by Taylor Swift ————–> $200

#15 – Blue and Green Square Cuts. Custom made pro wrestling gear, worn extensively during 2006-2008 when I was wrestling pro against a lot of BG East talents on the independent wrestling scene including a WORLD Heavyweight Title match ———> $100

#16 – Black Calvin Klein Briefs. Worn from 2013-2016 as daily underwear and gym briefs. ——> $75

#17 – Silver Speedos with flames. Worn by Guido Genatto, Chet Chastain, Flash LaCash, myself and others. ———-> $225

#18 – Purple and Yellow Square Cuts – Custom made pro gear. Worn the same time frame as the blue and green square cuts as my alternate color costume. Had matching knee pads but lost them. ———> $100


# 7 – Argyle-style Aeropostale Boxer Briefs. Worn 2007-2011. Daily underwear. ———-> $50

#8 – Plaid Aeropostale Boxer Briefs. Worn 2007-2011. Daily underwear. ———> $50

#9 – Green and White Pro Trunks. Custom made pro trunks worn 2008-2011. The same ones I wore on Ring of Honor TV when I was destroyed by my opponent. Worn on countless independent events around the world, as well ———–> $200

#10 – Grey and Yellow Striped GAP-Brand Boxer Briefs. Worn 2007-2011. Daily Underwear and gym wear ———-> $50

#11 – Green Pro Trunks. Worn during 2010 & 2011 on the indy scene when I was known as “Mr. Florida” ————–> $125

#12 – Red Pro Trunks. First-ever pair of trunks I owned. Worn 2005 & 2006 on the pro wrestling scene. ———-> $100


#19 – Speedos with Flower Design – Worn as pro trunks during 2010 – 2012 including one of my favorite pro matches against Jonny Firestorm.  Worn by Z-Man during his match with Dr. X and my match versus Nick Justice. ————–> $200

#20 – Burgundy Speedos. Worn by Myself, Lon DuMont & Ethan Andrews during video shoots. ————> $125

#21 – Red and yellow Speedos. Worn by Z-Man during his infamous stripping firefighter film on the website. ————–> $200

#22 – Yellow booty shorts with Purple fringe. Worn during 2005 through 2007 as my pro wrestling costume while tag team with Lane Hartley and competing along the East Coast of the United States ———-> $100

#23 – Purple American Eagle-brand Boxer Briefs. Gym wear ———–> $50

#24 – Aqua Aeropostale Boxer Briefs. One of my favorite and most comfortable daily wear  boxer briefs from 2007 through 2012. Almost regret not wearing underwear now because these were so comfy —————-> $75

I’d like to have these all gone within the next month or so. Shoot me an e-mail with any questions and to purchase. First come, first serve. Help me clean out my closet so I’ll have room for all the new speedos I ordered last week.

I’m heading to bed finally. Went out with Alex Oliver & Austin Cooper after yesterday’s shoot. Those guys are wild and fun. Definitely a great night out in the city, but lack of sleep over multiple days has left me a bit tired. Back in the gym tomorrow, too!

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