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This weekend is coming up fast and I’ll be shooting all day Saturday with lots of hotties and studs. From pro wrestlers to models to strippers and more. It’s always a fun time shooting wrestling matches with my friends.

Tonight is the “calm” before the storm, however, there will not be a lot of relaxation. My buddy (and secondary cameraman…and occasional wrestler) is coming up from South Florida (3+ hours away) to help me prepare for the shoot. In less than 30 minutes, I will be heading out the door to meet with a fan of the site to discuss his ideas for improving and advancing the site. One or two drinks later, I will meet up with another buddy of mine (who helps do photos and designed my original website) to attend a local Amateur Strip Night in town. The same place I met Matty O’Boy and his boyfriend, Zacky Darlin. As well as the first place I laid eyes on Ricky Vegas.

Tomorrow will be busy. Between moving large furniture at the studio, paying a few bills, running to the store to get ink for my printer, grabbing a haircut then picking 5 guys up at the airport (Ace Owens, Nathan FX, Kayden Alexander, Cal Bennett & Elite Eliot) so they can grab a solid nights rest before a hard hitting day of wrestling. After that, I may go out with the guys to have a few drinks in Tampa…or we may all be so exhausted we fall asleep like little jobber babies. I was hoping to have more content loaded to the site from May’s shoot, but things got hectic and it’ll have to be after Saturday before I load the brand new stuff…and begin editing all the new videos, photos and what-not.

Cal Bennett
Elite Eliot
Nathan FX
Kayden Alexander
Ryan Zivens
Nick Justice
Ace Owens
Matty O’Boy
Zacky Darlin
Blake Starr
…and more!

Here is some of the most recent releases…fresh content released every Tuesday, Thursday & sometimes Saturday.

On Monday, I will be driving up from Tampa to Boston. Well not the whole way in one day. I’m too old for that anymore…plus there are a few places that I want to stop and see. I think I’ll be in St. Augustine checking out some sights early to mid-afternoon/evening on Monday before stopping just off I-95 in South Carolina. From there  it is looking like I will be wandering up to the Outer Banks of  North Carolina. I’ve never been there, so if you’ve got any tips or suggestions for me, I’d definitely appreciate hearing them.

I’ll get to Philly/NYC on Wednesday night, so if anyone wants to meet up to chat and/or wrestle then hit me up. I’ll need a good stretch from all the miles driven. From June 22-25, I will be in the Boston area. I  have plans to attend a pro wrestling shows that Saturday before hosting a solid shoot in New Hampshire with Lon DuMont, Jobe Zander, Austin Tyler, Cam Zagucci, Tristan Baldwin and a couple hot new guys. I may also get Zach Reno to show up. He’s also a fun guy to hang around.

I will be up north until just after the 4th of July or so before driving back to Tampa. I’d like to make some stops on the way: NYC, Washington (DC), maybe in the Carolinas or Atlanta. Definitely would like to pick up a few matches on the way.

My trip to Europe is going to be postponed. Just heard from Jonny Firestorm and Lon DuMont that they plan on going abroad this August, so I’m aiming to coincide my trip with theirs so we will be able to have some fun times together. Right now, it’s looking like late July/early August for 3 weeks…England, Germany, Spain, South France, Switzerland & Italy. I’m open to seeing other places, if I can get some matches to help off-set the cost of traveling.

Hugh Hunter vs. Chase  LaChance (lots of bearhugs)

Anyway, that’s basically my next 2-3 weeks…plus add editing lots of sexy, erotic wrestling matches. Sounds like a good start to the Summer season, eh?

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