The Winner’s Are…(2017)

Over 2500 votes in the 2017 Year End polls. I’m excited to announce the results.

Let’s get right to the winners!

Guido Genatto

I think it was obvious from the get-go that Guido Genatto would be the top heel in 2017. He consistently destroys all opponents physically and mentally. Just ask Ty Alexander. Guido is a top level pro who has the ability to grapple on the mat with some of the finest. Nick Justice & Jobe Zander, in all their greatness as heels, had no shot at overthrowing the hairy heel.

Will any other heel step up to challenge Guido’s unparalleled dominance?

2nd Place: Nick Justice
3rd Place: Jobe Zander 
Honorable Mention: Lon DuMont

Cam Zagucci

Jobber of the Year…definitely a lot of good jobbers out there. Johnny Jobber is one of my personal faves, as is Braden Charron. I’ve recently found Cal Bennett to be severely  underrated at a jobber, but I don’t think he’ll win next year, as I expect him to improve his wrestling skills in 2018.

Cam is a collegiate cutie. Definitely an upcoming rookie pro, who with the right training and attitude could work his way up the pro ranks and do very well for himself. He’s not as good as me, but then again who is

Tyler Royce got lots of votes, too. I think he has more potential than Cam. Definitely can see him in the big leagues of pro wrestling, especially giving his move set and muscle mass compared to Cam.

Alex Oliver is on hiatus from wrestling, so that allows Blake Starr to move up the rankings. Definitely an impressive body on Blake. I’m hoping to get him some additional training over the next couple of months, which should see him improve dramatically.


2nd Place: Tyler Royce
3rd Place: Cal Bennett
Honorable Mention: Alex Oliver, Blake Starr


What a wrestler to snag for my own wrestling videos. Scrappy is a future wrestling star. He’s definitely got the looks and his wrestling improves drastically every match. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw him dabbling in the pro ranks in the next few years just like Big Sexy is doing.

Austin Tyler & Tyler Royce are both two hot up-and-coming pros and it’ll be interesting what they bring in 2018. I, also, have high expectations for Cali Boy & Blake Starr for 2018. Definitely a great batch of young lions.

2nd Place: Austin Tyler
3rd Place: Tyler Royce
Honorable Mention: Marco Thunder, Cali Boy, Blake Starr

Cameron vs. Ty Alexander

Go figure. One of my most painful matches makes the top spot for ring match of the year. Ty Alexander always surprises me when I see him in action. I’d say he is very underrated, but his ball bash skills are top notch.

I thought there’d be more wrestlers nominated in this category but seems like Tyler Royce is the only wrestler who has a shot at dethroning me. Looks like Tyler Royce and myself will have to lock horns in 2018. It seems like that’ll be a sure thing for top ring match this year.

2nd Place: Cameron vs. Johnny Jobber
3rd Place: Tyler Royce vs. Hugh Hunter
Honorable Mention:  Tyler Royce vs. Cam Zagucci

Tyler Royce vs. Jobe Zander (Domination)

This match was a custom video request that I shot in early 2017 in Florida. Jobe is a very good heel. A one-sided squash match with Tyler Royce playing the role of jobber. Tyler is a pro wrestler, but I got him on the mat for this one, which means he’s even more out-matched and out of his element than normal.

Cam Zagucci vs. Austin Tyler had a chance at the top spot. A basement battle between two hot rookie pro wrestlers. Both junior weight wrestlers with similar skills.

I think an underrated match for this category was Nathan FX vs. Cal Bennett. Definitely a hot custom match that featured lots of oil!

2nd Place: Cam Zagucci vs. Austin Tyler
3rd Place: Cameron vs. Jaxton Wheeler
Honorable Mention:  Nathan FX vs. Cal Bennett (Oil Wrestling)

Tyler Royce

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I demand a recount. How do I lose Butt of the Year on my own website?! Wait…what?! And I don’t even get the 2nd place spot either. This has got me fired up and hitting the squats extra this winter. I’m going for Best Butt 2018 and Tyler, nor Marco nor even Chace LaChance will have a shot against these buns.

No Brad Barnes or Braden Charron on this list. Looks like the new wave has hit the wrestling scene.

2nd Place: Marco Thunder
3rd Place: Cameron 
Honorable Mention: Chace LaChance 


Lots of potential winners in this category. Many different body types, too. Sometimes you can be small but have an impressive body. Just look at Ricky Vegas & Dashing Dustin. Heck, even Blake Starr.

There are also a few heavyweight studs that could’ve taken this title: Joey Nux, Mark Muscle & Zach Altovito. But that’s not who got the most votes. Scrappy’s dense 165 pound physique took top honors…above muscle stud, Braden…above the dude’s with the bodies most guys want (including myself), Chace LaChance & Cal Bennett…hell, even Marco Thunder has an admirable body.

Scrappy is still young and will only get better from here, so this may not be the only time he claims top spot in the Best Body voting.

2nd Place: Braden Charron
3rd Place: Chace LaChance
Honorable Mention: Marco Thunder, Cal Bennett

Cam Zagucci

Believe it or not, I had a hard time finding a photo showing off Cam’s million dollar smile. I looked for hours and this was the best shot I could come up with. So, be assured that next time the boy next door appears at a shoot, I will be snapping smiling pics until my trigger finger is blistered.

I’ll leave my personal opinion out of this, except to say my vote wouldn’t have been for Cam, but someone else in the top votes rankings below. I’ll give you a hint…’s me

2nd Place: Blake Starr
3rd Place: Cameron
Honorable Mention: Austin Cooper, Cal Bennett

Braden Charron

Being Braden’s roommate, I got a up-close and personal view of his massive arms every day. He’s always had an impressive physique, but you definitely notice his arms first. Even in his high school pictures he had ridiculous arms…in a good way. I’m not sure if it’s how he works them out or just his genetics, but those two guns are spectacular.

Austin Cooper has similar arms. The seem just as big to me. Maybe we will have to measure them. See who the real size winner is. I’m guessing both have biceps hovering right around 20 inches (give or take)

Cal Bennett & Z-Man have the arms that I’m most envious of. Not too big. Extremely defined. That’s the type of arm I’d like to have one day when I become a real boy

2nd Place: Austin Cooper
3rd Place: Cal Bennett
Honorable Mention: Z-Man

Austin Cooper

Wow! This was surprising. A few days ago, Marco Thunder had been winning the Future Champion category. Austin Cooper definitely has potential to be the top guy anywhere he goes. The first time I met him in the ring and we tore it down at BG East in Fort Lauderdale. A match that ended up winning best ring match. I knew he was the real deal. Now 5 years later he’s been everywhere and wrestled nearly everyone. If you want to see how a new guy will do, you call Austin. If you want to have a competitive match with a highly-skilled pro, you call Austin.

That’s not to say Marco Thunder & Scrappy don’t have a shot at future champion honors, but they have to work on their pro wrestling game. Sure they are good on the mat and with the amateur holds, but Austin takes the cake between the three for pro talent. But that could be a problem with Ace Owens skillset. He’s an indy wrestling pro, who has been around the block. Ace isn’t just a cool nickname for this guy, He is serious about his wrestling, whether in a ring or on a mat or wherever, he gives you 100% each time out.

It’ll be interesting how these 4 guys do in 2018.

2nd Place: Marco Thunder
3rd Place: Scrappy
Honorable Mention: Ace Owens

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