The Little Engine That Could

What a wild and crazy couple weeks (months) it has been. It seems like yesterday that there were big ass wildfires destroying Australia. That settled down a little bit and now we’re in the middle of a global crisis.

I don’t come up for air often. In fact, I spend most of my days lately in front of a computer screen – sorting through 20,000 images or moving websites to a more user-friendly platform or editing new videos and what not. On a lucky day, I’m at a shoot filming wrestling matches. I either end the evening (in the early morning) by reading or watching some documentaries. However, this Covid-19 virus and the falling stock market has had me out of tunnel vision. First, I hope you are healthy and well. That’s most important. If you don’t have your health, what do you really have, am I right?

It’s a uncertain time and seems so for the foreseeable future. I’m hoping for the best. Not much I can do about the coronavirus going around except hide in my house as much as possible (pretty easy to do for someone like me) and make sure I’m staying healthy. Extra vitamins and extra fluids. I’m not known for getting enough proper rest, but I should start doing that as well. So maybe, I’ll start going to bed before the sunrises. That’ll be difficult since my most productive hours are when everyone else tends to be sleeping. Heck, I’m writing this near midnight and have no plans to go to sleep anytime in the next few hours.

The website transfer is coming along nicely…but slower than I’d like. Isn’t it funny that we tend to find an easier solution to the problem after we’ve done the work the harder way? I feel that lately. After transferring 800+ videos and 20,000+ pics, I found I could do a lot of the transferring with a program. I’d still have to do some work to make sure everything was in place after the transfer, but it would’ve got time my time to just a few days. That’s life though. The sites are looking good and I had some folks test them to offer some insight. I’ll be picking at things and fine tuning over the next week or 2 then I’ll need to do some more testing. Just a few more pieces of the puzzle to put together and you’ll get to enjoy the ease of use these will bring to you.

Of course, we know how the best laid plans of mice and men oft go. I’m sure you’ll be using the new site and notice something that got past my aging eyes. Don’t fret as I’ll be waiting to make sure that they site works marvelously, so if you noticed something when using the new sites, I ask you to email me as I’ll be able to hopefully resolve it pretty quickly.

The plan was to launch the 2nd Catalog for NHBFights last Monday, but things have been put in front of that for now. I should be finishing some items and able to release 9 new matches shortly. I filmed 20 matches in NYC just a few weeks ago. The end of February to be exact. I had about 10 to 14 different wrestlers that day. It was funny to watch these muscled up guys dripping sweat and fatigued after one or two real matches. That reminds me – after shooting for 8 hours with the heat on in a very small room, the facility manager asked if we’d like the AC turned on. See – the solutions always show up at the end…at least in my world lately.

My Los Angeles trip has been postponed for now. I was going to film at the Can-Am Studios in North Hollywood, but things came up that had to push that back. Maybe it’s a good thing. I spent a couple weeks in California one summer and maybe this is an excuse to go back. Some time on some California beaches and wandering up the California coast sounds alright. Hell, I’ve been in front of a computer screen so much, I might just rent an RV or grab a tent so I can wander up into Northern California, Oregon and, perhaps, Washington state. I’ve been Oregon before for pro wrestling events, but never really explored outside of Portland. This is a good excuse right?

What else have I been up to? Let me think — OH YEAH! I have been working on developing/starting/creating another business. Nothing as impressive or as fun as this, but something small to add to the joy of life (and hopefully make up for the 20% loss on my investment account). I’ve been looking heavily into different drop shipping ideas and some t-shirts. These things need very little upfront cost, so it’s mostly just a little bit of time, energy and focus. I’ll partner with a couple friends on some small ventures and hopefully combine their talents with mine to make up for what I lack.

Speaking of the stock market – HOLY COW! Am I right? That was a wild ride for a couple weeks and it’s still going around the track. Hopefully things look up, but it seems we may be in this for a bit. I had been working my way out of the stock market for the last few months, but I wasn’t fast enough. I’ll probably grab a little bite of some companies I’m a fan of during this downturn. I just hope it’s a short and gentle ride from here back to the peak. Any advice during these crazy times? Should I buy a camper and move to the woods. Learn to live off the land?

Alright…I think that is all for now. Back to work I go. A couple more hours in front of the computer.

Stay safe and healthy!

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