April 2nd, 2016 – 11am

Spent nearly 6 hours on the phone with the web developers sorting through minor issues that were impacting purchases. Mostly links directing to the wrong match. After SUCCESSFULLY resolving the issues (sent to info@wrestler4hire.com) and discussing a few more features that will be added to the site. Things are looking great and I am happy with the site’s progress.

What is a nuisance to me is the lack of respect shown by customers (I’m not sure I like that word) who are having issues with their purchases. Albeit, not many of the actual “customers” have had problems. I appreciate when someone points out a flaw, so that it is able to be fixed. I do not appreciate being told that I ripped them off. As well, I do not like some of the attitudes that come with these e-mails.

I do this for fun…and when it stops being fun then I’ll pack up my things and go. Yesterday and today I read a few aggressive e-mails. That’s not fun. Certainly, I understand being upset when a purchase doesn’t go smoothly, but shit happens. Relax. I’m not ripping anyone off nor is it in my soul to even think about ripping people off. I do not need nor want money that badly that I will let people be rude and insulting to me.

The support team and myself have been doing an excellent job correcting any and all problems that have been e-mailed to us. I appreciate your patience and understanding with regards to the website having minor issues to work out. Most of the problems are fixed, with the rest of the issues being addressed.

Will be adding some new features in the next week (maybe two) that will enhance the site, including better organizing, a search bar and some match descriptions.

Today, I will be driving north to enjoy some time with friends. Life can’t be all work and no play. I hope you have an excellent weekend.

If you find any flaws in the system or have trouble understanding how to use the system, please check out the FAQ page or e-mail info@wrestler4hire.com

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Sergio Sottili

Sergio Sottili

think all those videos are so exciting,very sensual,so erotic, never had chancxe to buyng yet but i will looking forward to do it

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