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Life has been remaining fairly busy lately. A lot is going on - this website, a pro wrestling career, a busy month of birthdays amongst close family and friends, building a part-time business, getting my garden ready, keeping track of an intense stock market, trying to learn a bunch of new things, finding time to play the piano, putting 5 days a week into lifting weights and cardio, plus countless other tasks. But I don't say that to grab attention. I'd wager we are both pretty busy...isn't that what the end of winter and all of Spring is for? We'll enjoy the warm summer months by some water and with our friends/family. Hopefully the chaos of Covid has receded enough for us to enjoy life a bit more.

I'm in a good mood lately. Life is well so I've been in an extra positive mood. I even gave away like 200 FREE videos this week for supporting the Bro Battle series. Shall I do a free gift again? 

As for this blog, I had planned for this blog to be a thank you and a spotlight on some folks who have shown me support on their blogs and platforms. I've had a lot of help building this site over the years...starting back when I was simply a wrestler at BG East and NHB Battle. Before I even had success at Cyberfights & Can-Am. So I'd like to showcase their websites and latest blogs about their favorite Wrestler4Hire (and subsequent other brands under my scope).

I used to follow up on the blogs more frequently than I do these days. Only simply because I have less free and unscheduled time than I used to, but I still check out my favorites and enjoy getting the surprise email or Twitter tag on a review. If I have missed you, my apologies. Please send me some of your stuff and I'll do my best to re-tweet it. 

These are in no particular order. I'm kind of scatter-brained and things connect and come out in weird sequences, so don't read too much into the order of the list. I thank everyone below more than I know how to express in words for their role in my success in the wrestling world.


Neverland Blog - I'm a huge Peter Pan fan so of course I'm gonna dig this blog. Bard even named me his favorite Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month...albeit only one time ;) Great blog!

Alex Miller's Cave - Reading his reviews make me feel like I know what I'm doing whether in front of the camera or behind it. One of my go-to blogs when I wanna know what's happening in the underground world of wrestling. Love his yearly awards.

Ringside at Skull Island - Love all the gifs and visuals! Great little blurbs about the matches. Always seems up-to-date on ALL the most recent action.

Inner Jobber - Sean Pford has done some great reviews including this video compilation of sleeper holds from some of my match.

Beefcakes of Wrestling - Lots and lots of photos. 

Wrestling Arsenal - Lots of great GIFs from matches. Highly visual! 

WR's Screen Caps - Awesome screen shots! Keeps it fun and interactive.

Bodyslam Fan - The ultimate source for slams, backbreakers and almost anything lift-and-carry oriented. 

Knockout Submission Wrestling - This one is kind of new to me, too, but so far I'm digging the layout and the reviews. Interested to see where it goes in the near future.

Piledrive U - Seems to have gone into hiatus, but enjoyed this one from time-to-time

Masters of Peril - Recently found this one and I'm digging that they chat about the Hero Hunks part of W4H, too. 

I intended to do this with more posts shared and comments about each blog. I thought this would be an easy 30 minute blog entry. Now I'm 90 minutes in and still reading all kinds of blog posts that I've missed. It's cool to see what's been going on in the underground wrestling scene while I had my head down focused on what I was doing. Seems like the last 6-10 months have been incredible for stuff that has come out. Great time to be a fan of the sport!!!!

Anyway, I'm gonna take a shower and roll myself into bed long as I can pry myself away from the computer screen. Maybe I'll have to take my phone into the shower to continue my perusing of these blogs. I'd highly recommend you doing the same.

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Thanks Cameron, for the shout out. Your work as a wrestler and producer has given me a lot of inspiration over the years. Hopefully we can inspire each other for years to come.

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